Traditional etiquette for the modern world

Traditional Etiquette

for the Modern World

Distinguish Yourself from the Competition

Distinguish Yourself

from the Competition

Social, DIning and Communication Skills for Children, Pre-Teen and Teenagers

Social, Dining & Communication Skills

for Children, Pre-Teens and Teenagers

Vancouver, Canada

Located in Vancouver, Canada

Diverse, dynamic and multicultural


Business Etiquette and Social Etiquette Training in Vancouver

Making sense of how to behave in the modern world

If you have ever felt ill at ease in a social situation – unsure of whether you are dressed correctly, saying the right things, or presenting yourself well – you are not alone. In the modern day era, it may appear as though there are no etiquette rules left, which can lead to confusion or social anxiety, or hold you back in the workplace.

That is where we come in.

We are Social Graces, Vancouver’s only internationally certified etiquette consultancy. We offer culturally sensitive social and business etiquette training, as well as programs for children and teenagers. Our focus is empowering people; confidence in a variety of social situations can create some wonderful results.

Read on to find the program that best fits your needs – it could change your life.

International Business Etiquette

Courses cover a wide range of topics, including communication skills, how to handle a business dinner with poise, and even how to dress for success.

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International Social Etiquette

Entertaining and attending social events need never be a cause of anxiety again. These dynamic, hands-on workshops let you practice a wide range of international protocols.

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International Youth Etiquette

Give children a solid foundation on the “rules of the road’ in social situations, and watch their confidence bloom. These sessions can be tailored to address specifics, or deal with overall etiquette.

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