About Nina Durante

Nina CertificationsNina Durante founded Social Graces in Vancouver, Canada in 2015 to provide a modern, westcoast perspective on international business and social etiquette. She believes in empowering people to be confident in a wide range of social situations. Combining her deep knowledge of the subject matter, sensitivity to cross-cultural practices, and an innate sense of humour, the workshops she leads are approachable and comprehensive.

Nina received her training and international certifications from the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London (U.K.), which has a wide range of clients including Google, General Electric, J.P. Morgan, Harrods, Louis Vuitton, Credit Suisse, the United Nations, international diplomats, aristocracy from a number of countries, and global celebrities.

Nina was drawn to the field of etiquette after more than two decades working in marketing, public relations, and communications. Her high level positions – both within the public and private sector – have given her a varied, first-hand look at different types of corporate culture, and at how very subtle behavioural differences can make or break someone’s career.

As a manager of corporate continuous improvement for an international corporation, she developed courses and implanted training around company culture and interaction with clients. She has worked with everyone from top level executives to front line staff.

Nina enjoys working with people of all ages, from a wide variety of backgrounds. Helping people learn how to present the best versions of themselves in public is deeply satisfying.

Nina was born and raised in Vancouver, went to university in Kamloops, B.C., and attended finishing school in London, U.K. She is delighted to once again be living in and taking advantage of all of the best parts of greater Vancouver.

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