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24 September

Are Manners Lost in a Modern World?

There's an interesting conversational phenomenon that occurs when people learn I'm an etiquette consultant. In one breath, people ask whether we really need etiquette these days, given that modern society is more relaxed. In the next, they'll share an anecdote about how someone was incredibly rude to them, or how someone they know has atrocious [...]

8 September

Emoji used in a lawsuit?

Loved being a part of CBC Winnipeg Radio's story about emojis and emoji etiquette. What has its own movie and has been admitted in some courts as evidence? Emojis. Molly Segal tells us why you might want to be more cautious about when and where you use them. Check it out here.

6 July

Business Etiquette, Living in a Social Etiquette World

It's a question I get asked all the time - what is the difference between business and social etiquette? Here is the initial way I would answer that: business etiquette is based on your position within a business relationship (think of where you would be on the org chart), and is gender neutral; social etiquette [...]

23 June

Yakkity yak, keep your conversation on track

The other evening I was out for dinner at a lovely restaurant, celebrating a friend's birthday. We were having a great time enjoying the meal and the conversation - until a couple arrived at the table next to us. Our tables were not that close together, however the gentleman was a "leaner" in his chair [...]

11 June

Wedding Season Is Here!

Wedding season is officially upon us and we are very excited to be featured in The Canadian Press article on Wedding Trends. It was picked up by over 25 media outlets across Canada including The Toronto Sun, The Province, and CTV.

31 May

Cross-Generational Secret Decoder Ring

During our International Business Success course, we play an excellent video that clearly demonstrates cultural differences in the business world. It is always an "aha" moment when people see it, particularly when they understand how different cultures may view something - seemingly as simple as having dinner together - in completely different ways. The last [...]

20 May

Modern Society, Modern Manners

Listen to CBC Radio B.C. Almanac's podcast at 27:46 with Nina Durante and CBC host Gloria Macarenko as Nina explains why in today's modern society, modern manners still matters. (Aired May 17, 2017)

16 May

Minding Manners on Mother’s Day

Nina Durante speaks with Gloria Macarenko, host of CBC's Our Vancouver on how to show your best side to mom this Mother's day with etiquette tips and advice. Watch the segment as Nina demonstrates dining etiquette to the type of flowers to give to Mom.

3 May

Find the fun in ‘fancy’ food and manners

Sit up straight! Don't talk with your mouth full! Elbows off the table! USE YOUR MANNERS! Love my grandma as I did, there were times where you could have confused her for a drill sergeant. She was pretty no-nonsense when it came to trying to teach proper manners. One time when I was staying at [...]

26 April

Social guidance for right here, right now

If the thought of learning about etiquette makes you automatically think of rules dating back to the Victorian age or the era of Louis XIV, you’re not wrong – but you’re not completely up to date either. I know Queen Victoria never had to contend with her children trying to use a cell phone at [...]