Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day can create unwanted stress and pressure. What should you do, where should you go, how should you express your love? And how do you plan something special and romantic without breaking the bank?

Showing someone you care doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. Simple acts of chivalry can go a very long way.

Here are some tips for making your Valentine feel like the most special person in your life:

1. Set the tone for a romantic evening with a handwritten invitation. No matter your plans, a beautifully worded invitation demonstrates that you have taken the time to arrange a wonderful event. Remember to include location, time and suggested dress code.

2. Flowers are a lovely, romantic gesture. If you intend to present your Valentine with flowers, you may want to plan a little. If you bring them to your date, where will they be stored? Will an arrangement of cut flowers require water? You may wish to have them delivered earlier in the day with a note saying how much you are looking forward to your evening together.

3. Be chivalrous by assisting your date with her coat. Hold the coat behind your Valentine, allowing her to slide her hand into the first sleeve. It can be awkward if you lift the coat too quickly. Rather, wait until she has slid her other hand into the second sleeve and then gently lift the coat up to her shoulders.

4. Get in and an out of a vehicle with style and grace. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to get dressed up however, those stunning frocks can make it difficult to enter and exit a vehicle. The secret to a graceful car entrance is to sit first and then swing your legs in together. To get out, it’s the reverse – swing your legs out together first and then stand up. Perfection every time!

5. A gentleman always opens the door as a sign of respect for a woman as she enters a doorway ahead of him. Women can assist with this act of chivalry by pausing for a moment to allow the man to open the door (this also applies to car doors).

6. Looking for a classy, understated alternative to holding hands? Offer your date your arm. Who wouldn’t want to be seen walking arm in arm with their Valentine?

Making your Valentine feel special is all about self-awareness and consideration. A special occasion isn’t necessary. If you really want to make an impression, follow these tips all year round.

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