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The word ‘etiquette’ may conjure up the image of someone having an extremely formal meal, pinky finger raised while he or she sips on a cup of tea, but it is so much more than that. Etiquette governs social interactions, business networking, and conduct within organizations.

As strong believers in the transformative power of etiquette training, Social Graces is proud of our ability to adapt our content to many different audiences. We are fully prepared to deliver sessions in the format and at the venue of your choice, for up to one hundred people at a time.

Corporations may be interested in:

  • day-to-day workplace interactions
  • conversational skills
  • communication skills
  • business lunches and dinners
  • how to present a polished appearance
  • dos and don’ts of successful networking
  • international business and social customs

Social organizations may be interested in:

  • how to plan and host events successfully
  • international social etiquette
  • deportment training
  • the history of different dining styles
  • the finer points of different tableware and place settings
  • afternoon tea and formal dining tutorials

Social Graces brings humour, enthusiasm, and a deep knowledge of etiquette matters in real life situations to every workshop; contact us today for more details on what may be the right fit for your organization.

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The Polished Professional

This fun and interactive workshop is the foundation of Social Grace’s business etiquette training. Learn how to create a positive and long-lasting impression within your company or on the international level, right from day one.

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The Polished Professional – Tutorials

Elevate your business etiquette education with one or both of our The Polished Professional tutorials, where you can explore international business customs and how best to be prepared for a vast array of work and social situations.

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International Business Etiquette

Courses cover a wide range of topics, including communication skills, how to handle a business dinner with poise, and even how to dress for success.

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