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Next Level Business Etiquette Training

Enhance the instruction received during The Polished Profession with one or both of our tutorials, which delve into the topic matter in greater detail.

Tutorial 1: Successful Style & Executive Image: Executive Image on a Global Scale

Struggling with what to wear to work or important business functions can be exhausting. Take the guesswork out of how to present yourself and head out the door with confidence, knowing that you are sending all of the right messages with the way you are dressed and groomed.

This 2 ½ hour long seminar addresses key topics such as colour and fit of business suits, how to accessorize properly, and what exactly ‘business casual’ means (hint, there are four levels alone in this category.) Learn how to dress year-round to best fit your body type, and how to visually demonstrate you are ready to step into a leadership role.

Successful Style & Executive Image is available as a private session or a small group seminar

Tutorial 2: International Business Success: Cultural Awareness for Enhanced Business Relations

Do you envision your career taking you to a world-class city like New York, London, Dubai, or Shanghai – or do you already work with international clients? This 2 ½ hour long workshop is packed with strategies to help you communicate more effectively and establish vital relationships.

This course content includes:

  • handling cultural differences with confidence
  • mastering international conversation skills and team-building
  • understanding global business customs and terminology

International cultural understanding goes beyond the world of business; it contributes to your overall social success by building stronger interpersonal skills and self-awareness.

International Business Success is available either as a private session or a small group seminar.

Tuition: please contact us to customize your experience.

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Corporate Events

Learn about social and business etiquette training group events here; we are certain we can customize a solution that fits you perfectly.

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International Business Etiquette

Courses cover a wide range of topics, including communication skills, how to handle a business dinner with poise, and even how to dress for success.

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The Polished Professional

This fun and interactive workshop is the foundation of Social Grace’s business etiquette training. Learn how to create a positive and long-lasting impression within your company or on the international level, right from day one.

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