The Polished Professional

International Business Etiquette for the Global Professional

Confidence is a matter of knowing you are prepared for whatever challenge comes your way; The Polished Professional can be an integral weapon in your arsenal. This one day long seminar is fun and fully informative when it comes to teaching critical ‘soft’ skills.

Subtle yet critical social behaviours can often make or break an important meeting and influence first impressions. They matter both online and face-to-face when it comes to forming key connections.

Social etiquette is not the same thing as business etiquette; you may be well-versed in the former without knowing some of the specifics of the latter.

Learn how to:

  • display sophistication at a business lunch or dinner
  • host a business function, or be a gracious guest at an event hosted by someone else
  • seamlessly integrate into a wide array of business environments
  • network gracefully
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The Polished Professional is only available as a private session.

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Corporate Events

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International Business Etiquette

Courses cover a wide range of topics, including communication skills, how to handle a business dinner with poise, and even how to dress for success.

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The Polished Professional – Tutorials

Elevate your business etiquette education with one or both of our The Polished Professional tutorials, where you can explore international business customs and how best to be prepared for a vast array of work and social situations.

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