Social Etiquette

How to be poised and confident in a wide range of social situations

You know you have seen them before – those people who never put a foot wrong at a social event. They have beautiful manners, are exquisitely groomed, and know what to say and when to say it. You could be one of them.

Because here is the secret: no one is born that way. That level of self-assurance is learned, and stems from a solid grasp of social interactions. Once you have the rules down, you will never again worry about formal dining, planning large-scale gatherings, or whether or not you have presented yourself well in a social situation. Learn how to leave a long-lasting good impression of yourself, from the moment you step into a room to the conclusion of an event.

There is nothing stuffy about Social Graces’ modern day take on finishing school. Rather, The Finishing Touch is a fun and comprehensive approach to learning how to deal with any situation with ease, grace, and poise.

The Finishing Touch – Session 1

Eliminate your apprehensions at hosting social events and learn how to be the perfect guest at someone else’s party. Formal dining is no longer fearsome after this interactive workshop.

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The Finishing Touch – Session 2

Decode the finer nuances of modern social etiquette, including how to meet and greet people from around the world. Learn what your posture and body language communicate about you.

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The Finishing Touch Tutorials

Top off your Finishing Touch experience with either a fine dining or afternoon tea tutorial. These modules – which can be fully customized – will have you feeling much more comfortable at your next formal meal.

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