The Finishing Touch – Session 2

International Social Etiquette, Image & Deportment

Many people may believe that etiquette is mainly focused on the dining table, but that is by no means the limit. Etiquette also governs introductions to new people, how to interact with them to leave a long-term good impression, and what your gestures and body language say about you.
There are two modules in this one day long workshop, which can be paired with Session 1 of The Finishing Touch and The Finishing Touch Tutorials, or taken as a standalone.

Session 2

Module 3: International Social Etiquette

When is an air kiss more appropriate than a hug? How do introductions differ between the corporate arena and social life? What do you do if you have forgotten someone’s name? Learn how to navigate some of these tricky scenarios while incorporating cultural sensitivity in this module.

Module 4: Posture, Poise and Deportment

The way you enter a room, exit a vehicle, and hold yourself communicates a great deal about your awareness of the finer points of politeness. Take the finishing school approach to how you stand, sit, walk, and much more.

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