Little Ambassadors

Learning to Lead the Way through Etiquette in the Pre-Teen Years

Proactively engaging pre-teens in learning about self-confidence and assertiveness has big benefits, as they begin to question their individual roles in society. This program for children aged 8 to 12 is flexible; it encompasses both ‘traditional’ rules of etiquette and being responsive to the demands of the modern age.

Choose modules that best address the specific needs of your pre-teen, including:

    • social, communication, and presentation skills
    • telephone and social media etiquette, including safety tips
    • introductions and greetings, conversational listening skills
    • protocol in public places, table manners
    • how to use specific utensils and glassware

Instruction can be delivered for one child at a time, or for groups of up to three children, with the time, date, and location of the sessions highly customizable.

Please contact us to discuss which specific areas of instruction would best benefit your Little Ambassador.

Tuition includes instruction, refreshments, and illustrated handouts for future reference.

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