Youth Etiquette

Teaching the children of today to be the leaders of tomorrow

Children deserve every advantage they can get in the competitive, hyper-paced modern world; giving them a solid foundation of social etiquette sets them on the path to success now, and in their future endeavours.

Confidence in social interactions is a fundamental building block in building self-esteem, and learning to become leaders in society. Teaching them how to respect others, communicate clearly, and present themselves well will never fail to pay off.

As a response to the busy schedule of modern day parenting, Social Graces has developed a flexible à la carte offering of etiquette modules. The highly customizable system allows parents to focus specifically on certain areas, or to get overall help with table manners, deportment, and communication skills.

The modules can be taught in one-on-one sessions, or within small groups. The lessons are fun, interactive, and delivered in an age-appropriate fashion.


Young Diplomats

Get children aged 4 – 7 off to a good start, with lessons around how being well behaved and dressed appropriately for different occasions can be fun for everyone.

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Little Ambassadors

Self-doubt can begin to become an issue in the pre-teen years. This program for children aged 8 – 12 helps provide core learning around confidence and developing self-esteem.

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Just for Teens

The teen years do not have to be exceptionally difficult. Designed specifically for those between ages 13 and 17, this program helps them learn some of the rules of social conduct that can make growing up go much more smoothly.

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